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  • Holly Jolly Christmas: 2018 Gift Guide
    December 14, 2018 Meghan Adamo

    Holly Jolly Christmas: 2018 Gift Guide

    Christmas is almost distressingly close, and if you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, you might be freaking out a little.  There’s always someone who you can’t figure out what gift to get them. We’ve all been there, we know what it’s like searching your brain (and the internet) for the perfect present.  To try to help you cross gift shopping off your holiday to do list, we’ve compiled a handy gift guide. Let’s check it out.
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  • Pin-spiration: Modern Wreaths
    December 3, 2018 Meghan Adamo

    Pin-spiration: Modern Wreaths

    We’ve made it to December and the holiday season is upon us.  For those celebrating Hanukkah the festivities have already begun.  Others might still be working on getting their holiday decorations up.  In the spirit of the holidays and decorating we decided to look at modern wreaths on Pinterest this month.  The trend this year seems to be towards more minimal wreaths, but there are also some fresh takes on the traditional form.  Let’s see what the wreath-makers on Pinterest are up to.
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  • Halloween Hauntings: Five Spooky Abandoned Homes
    October 30, 2018 Meghan Adamo

    Halloween Hauntings: Five Spooky Abandoned Homes

    Halloween is tomorrow, which means it’s time to scare ourselves with tales of ghosts and hauntings (and eat a lot of candy). Last year we gave you a list of the top ten haunted houses around the country to visit. But those were attractions set up just for Halloween. This time we’re going to look at those spooky places that are around all year - abandoned houses. Those buildings that just looking at them brings thoughts of ghosts and other creepy paranormal activities to mind. Some abandoned places have a tragic story to their abandonment, while others it’s a mystery. Let’s take a look at seven abandoned residences we wouldn’t want to spend a night alone in.
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  • Haunting Houseplants: Thirteen Black Plants to Celebrate Halloween Year-round
    October 12, 2018 Meghan Adamo

    Haunting Houseplants: Thirteen Black Plants to Celebrate Halloween Year-round

    Halloween is a few weeks away and we’re in the mood for some spooky inspiration. There are plenty of ways to decorate for Halloween, but what if you want something a little more subtle, or something that can stick around all year? Sometimes you don’t have to look any further than what Mother Nature’s provided us - plants and flowers! With that in mind, we channeled our inner goth and found the best black plants.
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  • Magnolia Home Throws
    July 2, 2018 Meghan Adamo

    Pin-spiration: Stars and Stripes

    Stripes are a classic pattern that never really go out of style, so it’s easy to find inspiring striped interiors. Stars can easily go kitschy or juvenile, but when done right they can add a wonderful touch of whimsy or rustic charm to a space. So without further ado, here are our favorite interiors featuring stars and stripes.
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