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While absent in many other companies due to easier and less labor-intensive methods of production, no shortcuts are taken in the production of Bramble furniture; the handmade feel is Bramble's signature. Dried in on-site kilns, Bramble uses mostly locally-grown lumber, solid-wood paneling, high-grade veneers and craftsmanship techniques handed down through generations of artisans.


Each of Bramble's hand-painted pieces is finished by an experienced artist at their workbench. The attention to detail, and the amount of time each artist commits to each piece is evident in the intricate motifs, whether modern or traditional. Each hand finish is done using only the highest quality materials, to ensure consistency, longevity and safety.


Each piece of Bramble furniture goes though several quality control check-point inspections and is rigorously examined and certified before it is packed and sent on its journey to you.


Once each item's quality has been verified, it is carefully and meticulously boxed using recycled cardboard, unless otherwise requested. The furniture is then strategically loaded into shipping containers to reach optimum safe capacity.

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