France & Son

Thank you

for participating in the France and son Match program.

Key Notes

  • You'll receive client lead information for projects you've matched on
  • Every client that we send you will deduct 1 credit

Design Type

Interior designers specialize in homes, business and remodels. Exhibition designers are for pop-up (short-lived) designs.

Interior Designer
Exhibition Desginer

Abstract Services You can Provide

I can curate art
I can design offices
I have architectural capablities
I have construction capablities
I can design resturants
I can design appartments
I can remodel floors
I can paint interiors and / or exteriors
I can design personal home spaces

Rooms You can Design.

I can design Bedrooms
I can design Dining rooms
I can design Bath rooms
I can design Living rooms
I can design Entire Homes
I can design Kitches
I can design Various Spaces

Services You Can Provide

I can provide moodboards
I can provide 3D Renders
I can complete Interior designs
I can complete Exterior designs
I can complete Remodeling projects
I can copmlete Commerical projects

What budgets are you willing to work with

Up to $3K
$3K - $5K
$5K - $10K
$10K - $25K

Timelines you can work with?

1 - 3 Months
3 - 6 Months
6+ Months

Development status's you can work with

Urgent to start!
Gathering Bids / Information
Just Dreaming

Locations you can work with?

Home / Residence

Authorization Prefrences?

I'll work with unathorized clients to make phyiscal changes
I will not work with unathorized clients to make phyiscal changes