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Being the very best at what you do takes incredible skill, experience and dedication. New Growth Designs works everyday to remain the very best permanent botanical resource available. It begins with an obsession to have each stem, leaf and bloom be incredibly lifelike with no detail being too small and no demand for the high quality being too unreasonable. Each arrangement is carefully assembled here in the USA by people who are truly talented and dedicated to their work. New Growth Designs is a family-owned business and remains committed to being the best.

The real difference of New Growth Designs is the artistry of Ed Glenn. Ed's renowned ability in floral creation stems both from his natural talent and from experience with the family's fresh flower business that has been operating for more than 60 years. Ed's talents have taken him from small, exquisite dinner parties to large and impressive events at the State Department and White House. He brings the same inspiration and beauty found at those events to each and every product New Growth Designs offers. His creations are in demand both domestically and internationally.

With New Growth Designs, you can bring the beauty of nature indoors to warm your home and your heart everyday and you can be assured that you are buying the absolute best artificial flowers available.

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