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Our trade partners gain access to trade pricing and a VIP sourcing experience that's built around making their lives easier.
Over 75,000 Products

Gain access to our huge catalog of premium brands for a one stop shopping experience that saves you time and energy.

Trade Pricing

Trade members are custom quoted with additional discounts on every order to guarantee a low and fair price.

Free Warehousing + Logistics

Save time and money doing what you do best. let us handle the logistics and storage for no additional fees.

No Minimums

Sign up and order without a hassle. We don't have minimums, but you do get better pricing as your order more.

Client Access

When you join, you're automatically registered with Roomdu. This partnership connects you directly with a broader customer base. Through Roomdu, you'll gain access to a diverse range of clients, and enhanced visibility in the interior design market.

Save Money - Save Time

We Handle Your Logistics

We offer complementary freight, receiving, and storage to our East Coast warehouses, and give reduced accessorial and delivery to all trade partners. Your final price after all logistics are considered is often lower than working directly with a manufacturer.
Consolidate + Reduce Headaches

We're A One Stop Shop

Design projects involve dozens of vendors, logistical coordination, placing and tracking several POs. Let us do the heavy lifting by consolidating to a single order, and allow us to handle the vendor relations, claims, and logistics.
Brand Partners
We partner with all the top manufacturers, so every style and category is covered. Our discount structure combined with our service beats going direct.
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Simply chat, call, or email us to request a quote, and we'll get back to you asap with the best possible pricing. If you already have a quote from a manufacturer (including freight, warehouse receiving, and delivery), then we'll be able to match it.

  • 631-270-4560
  • chat via the lower right corner of your screen

You can fill out the application form linked above, or click here to access it directly.

After you complete the form we'll get back to you asap. We may request some additional information.

While you wait, please create an account if you haven't already done so, so we can convert your existing account after being approved.

Most manufacturers provide discounts to the trade that rival our trade pricing; however, those orders are often "à la carte".

You'll need to arrange and pay for freight, receiving, and delivery costs separately. You'll need to send in different PO's for each vendor, and handle claims separately for each vendor if/when anything goes wrong. Additionally, most vendors don't allow for returns or give you rewards points.

After all of the above is considered it's about the same price to consolidate and order with us, and you get the added benefit of us handling the logistics and dealing with only one company instead of dozens.