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    Wall Diver - Bronze-Global Views-GVSA-8.81261-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    Wall Diver - Bronze-Global Views-GVSA-8.81261-Wall Art-2-France and Son
    Wall Diver
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    Gigi's Day Off-Wendover-WEND-WPH1122-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    Gigi's Day Off-Wendover-WEND-WPH1122-Wall Art-2-France and Son
    Gigi's Day Off
    Studio Collage-France & Son-FASM-TINA2-45X45-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    Studio Collage-France & Son-FASM-TINA2-45X45-Wall Art-2-France and Son
    Studio Collage
    Space Girl-France & Son-FASM-SPACEGIRL-68X47-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    Space Girl-France & Son-FASM-SPACEGIRL-68X47-Wall Art-2-France and Son
    Space Girl
    Hollywood Hangout-Wendover-WEND-WPH1926-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    Hollywood Hangout
    Honey Drum People-Phillips Collection-PHIL-TH92142-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    Honey Drum People-Phillips Collection-PHIL-TH92142-Wall Art-2-France and Son
    Honey Drum People
    David-Wendover-WEND-WLA1596-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    My Lady-Wendover-WEND-WFG1257-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    My Lady
    Moveable Man on Shelf-Phillips Collection-PHIL-TH99991-Wall ArtSitting A-1-France and Son
    Moveable Man on Shelf-Phillips Collection-PHIL-TH99991-Wall ArtSitting A-2-France and Son
    Moveable Man on Shelf
    Pink Pool Floats-Wendover-WEND-CK0304-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    Pink Pool Floats
    Ski Slope-Wendover-WEND-WPH1310-Wall Art1-1-France and Son
    Ski Slope-Wendover-WEND-WPH1311-Wall Art2-2-France and Son
    Ski Slope
    Ski Holiday-Wendover-WEND-WVT1477-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    Ski Holiday
    Charcoal Gesture-Wendover-WEND-WLA2207-Wall Art1-1-France and Son
    Charcoal Gesture-Wendover-WEND-WLA2208-Wall Art2-2-France and Son
    Charcoal Gesture
    Pacific Snapshot-Wendover-WEND-WPH2010-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    Pacific Snapshot
    Eloquent Movement-Wendover-WEND-WFG1360-Wall Art1-1-France and Son
    Eloquent Movement-Wendover-WEND-WFG1361-Wall Art2-2-France and Son
    Eloquent Movement
    Nude Study 2-Wendover-WEND-15289-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    Nude Study 2
    Nude Study 1-Wendover-WEND-15288-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    Nude Study 1
    Disco Party-wendover-WEND-WMS0254-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    Disco Party
    Seated Woman-Wendover-WEND-22212-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    Seated Woman
    True Grit-Wendover-WEND-WMS0292-Wall Art-1-France and Son
    True Grit
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