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    Gold Cast Oil Drum Wall Discs-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH60516-Decorative Objects-1-France and Son
    Gold Cast Oil Drum Wall Discs
    Vine Ball-Phillips Collection-PHIL-TH97922-DecorSmall-1-France and Son
    Vine Ball-Phillips Collection-PHIL-TH97922-DecorSmall-2-France and Son
    Vine Ball
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    Lipsice Sculpture
    Teak Wood Ball-Phillips Collection-PHIL-ID53976-Decorative ObjectsLarge-1-France and Son
    Teak Wood Ball-Phillips Collection-PHIL-ID53977-Decorative ObjectsMedium-2-France and Son
    Teak Wood Ball
    from $579.00
    Floor Ball-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH60159-DecorPolished Aluminum-Small-1-France and Son
    Floor Ball-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH62305-DecorGold Leaf-Small-2-France and Son
    Floor Ball
    from $369.00