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    Off the Top Sculpture-Cyan Design-CYAN-07651-Decor-1-France and Son
    Off the Top Sculpture
    Muse Sculpture
    Plinth-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH67440-DecorSmall-1-France and Son
    Plinth-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH67440-DecorSmall-2-France and Son
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    Large Mouth Bass Fish With Stand-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH66612-Decor-1-France and Son
    Large Mouth Bass Fish With Stand
    Metal Branch (Ambered Silver)
    Intersecting Sculpture (Polished Nickel)
    Shorebird Sculpture #1-Cyan Design-CYAN-09778-Decor-1-France and Son
    Shorebird Sculpture #1
    Lipsice Sculpture
    Trotter Sculpture-Cyan Design-CYAN-09777-Decor-1-France and Son
    Trotter Sculpture
    Large Ariana Sculpture-Cyan Design-CYAN-09814-Decor-1-France and Son
    Large Ariana Sculpture
    Visage Sculpture
    Clearly Through Sculpture-Cyan Design-CYAN-08898-Decor-1-France and Son
    Clearly Through Sculpture
    Double Arch Sculpture-Cyan Design-CYAN-11012-Decorative Objects-1-France and Son
    Double Arch Sculpture-Cyan Design-CYAN-11012-Decorative Objects-2-France and Son
    Double Arch Sculpture
    Magnolia Objet
    Labrador - Laying Liquid Silver-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH115119-Decor-1-France and Son