Customer Collaboration Rewards: Terms and Conditions

France and Son will provide customers with an agreed upon store credit in exchange for the right to post specified customer content to France and Son's social media, website, and emails. Said content will be emailed to France and Son directly by replying to an email or sending the content to

France and Son will appropriately credit and tag customers with their preferred accounts or names in the caption of any social media posts.

Customers can view all earned rewards by logging into their France and Son accounts.

Points can take up to 7 days to be added to the account after images are submitted.

Content Requirements:

  • All content must original and owned by the customer submitting the request. 
  • The customers order must be less than a year old.
  • The France and Son product(s) must be clearly visible and the focal point of the provided content.
  • The content cannot show the products in a way harmful to France and Son's reputation.
  • The content cannot contain nudity, obscenity, anything illegal, political statements, or anything that might be harmful to France and Son's reputation.

Restrictions: Customers are eligible for one reward per order placed unless specifically approved by France and Son to go over that amount in advance. Only the original order placer is eligible to redeem this offer unless approved by France and Son in advance.

Rewards points expire after 60 days from the issued date.

Store Credits are not cash and cannot be exchanged for cash.

Customers can request the content to be removed on request after a minimum of 90 days has passed.