Lottie Sculpture

Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-1-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-2-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-3-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-4-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-5-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-6-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-7-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-8-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-9-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-10-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-11-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-12-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH95577-DecorLiquid Silver-Large-13-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-14-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-15-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-16-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH64439-DecorRoman Stone-Large-17-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-18-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-19-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56285-DecorSilver Leaf-Large-20-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-21-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-22-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH101841-DecorGel Coat White-Large-23-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-24-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH56284-DecorBronze-Large-25-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH67525-DecorBronze-Small-26-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH67642-DecorRoman Stone-Small-27-France and Son
Lottie Sculpture-Phillips Collection-PHIL-PH67644-DecorSilver Leaf-Small-28-France and Son

Lottie Sculpture

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    • Material Resin
    • Large Size 16x13x84"H / (18x16x87"H packed)
      • Weight 31 Lbs / (44 Lbs packed)
    • Small Size 6x5x33"H / (9x7x34"H packed)
      • Weight 5 Lbs / (7 Lbs packed)
    • Lead Time: 3-4 Weeks
Let our sculptures be your guardians of good taste. Their tall and slender silhouettes will add glamour and sophistication to any room, and their gently folded hands convey a spirit of peace and serenity. Designed by American artist and designer, Raymond Waites, these sculptures are constructed from resin with a special topcoat of actual bronze powder, which provides a rich depth and luster. At 7' tall, these pieces are a perfect way to add height to any environment without taking up floor space. Suitable for outdoor use and are available in both a male and female form, as well as several finish options. Our liquid metal finish is achieved using a special, proprietary metal powder developed in Italy which achieved a polish and richness that is absolutely stunning. Please note that due to the high level of polish, the table reflects the colors of the room in which it resides, so the tone will vary from lighter to darker accordingly.

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Phillips collection have a special range of eco-friendly that features live-edge and reclaimed roots fashioned into stunning tables, stools, sculptures and accents called Origins by Phillips Collection, where not a single tree is cut down.

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