My Youth Fellowship Space Wish-List

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Hi, my name is Justin!

Being a kid that grew up in church, adults always asked my youth group what we thought would be great for our youth building. The answers were always ridiculous and unrealistic. I personally thought a tree-house or a life-size firetruck would look great in our space. Of course we got none of these things we brought to the table, but the quality of the things we did get played a huge role in the amount of time we wanted to spend in our youth space.

Now being 24 years old reminiscing on the beautiful memories and friendships I made in my youth's fellowship hall. I decided to put together this collection in hopes that it sparks creativity and shows the potential of every youth space.

Remember that these spaces are where we grow relationships with not only our peers, but where our faith grows as well. So let me be your guide through my grown-up youth fellowship space wish-list.

If you have an questions or want to reach out about putting together a bundle deal, email me at This includes other products of ours that may not be in this collection. 


Justin O.
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